Duplicate Title

How can I obtain a replacement title, and how long does it take?

The processing speed for a replacement title can vary. If you apply in person at a DMV office, you may receive it on the same day. However, if you choose to mail the request or use a service like Zaks Auto Registration, the timeline may extend, typically taking a few weeks. Factors such as the current DMV workload and the completeness of your application can influence processing times.

Can I pick up my duplicate title at a DMV office?

Yes, you can pick up your duplicate title at a DMV office if you apply in person. This option allows for quicker turnaround, and you can have your replacement title in hand on the same day. It’s a convenient choice for those who prefer immediate access to their title rather than waiting for it to be mailed.

What paperwork is required when applying for a duplicate title?

To apply for a duplicate title, you’ll need to complete the REG 227 form. Make sure to fill out Sections 1 and 3 accurately. If you’re using Zaks Auto Registration or a similar service, a notarized form 5065 might also be necessary. Having all the required documents, including proof of identification, vehicle information, and any supporting forms, will ensure a streamlined application process.

I have my documents ready for a duplicate title. What are the next steps in the application process?

Once you have all your required documents ready, the next step is to submit them to the DMV or your chosen service provider. If applying in person, visit your local DMV office. For mailing, send the documents, along with a check or money order for the processing fee, to the DMV address specified on the form. If using a service like Zaks Auto Registration, follow their submission instructions for a hassle-free process.

Where will my duplicate title be mailed, and how can I update my address?

If you’ve moved since your last registration, ensure your address is updated before applying for a duplicate title. Use the REG 227 form, specifically Sections 1 and 3, to provide your new address. This ensures that your replacement title is mailed to the correct location. Keeping your address current with the DMV is crucial to receiving important documents in a timely manner.

In what situations is notarizing the REG 227 required?

Notarizing the REG 227 is generally required when applying for a duplicate title through a registration service like Zaks Auto Registration. This notarization adds an extra layer of authentication to your application. If you’re handling the process on your own at the DMV, notarization may not be necessary. Always check the specific requirements based on your chosen method of application.

Will the lienholder information be removed from my duplicate title?

If your title has a lienholder listed and you’ve paid off the lien, you’ll need to go through a “legal transfer” to remove the lienholder information. This involves obtaining a release from the lienholder and initiating the necessary paperwork to reflect the updated ownership status. Once the legal transfer is complete, your duplicate title will no longer display the lienholder information.

My registration card says  “Nontransferable/No California Title Issued.” Can I still use the REG 227 form to get a new title?

Yes, you can use the REG 227 form even if your registration card states “Nontransferable/No California Title Issued.” This designation often refers to the type of registration and doesn’t impact your ability to obtain a duplicate title. As long as you provide the required information on the REG 227 form, you can proceed with the application for a replacement title.

The fee for a replacement title varies, and it can typically be paid through various methods, including online payments. You can check the specific fee details on the DMV website or inquire with a registration service like Zaks Auto Registration for accurate information.

You generally need to submit a separate application for each vehicle when applying for replacement titles. Each vehicle has its unique identification details, and individual applications help ensure accuracy in processing

While the REG 227 form is primarily used for obtaining a duplicate title, you may need to follow a separate process to replace your lost registration card. Check with the DMV or a registration service for guidance on the appropriate forms and steps for obtaining replacement registration cards.

Some services, including Zaks Auto Registration, may offer expedited processing options for replacement titles. However, it’s crucial to check with the specific service provider for details on expedited services and any associated fees

You can update your address on the REG 227 form when applying for a replacement title. Sections 1 and 3 of the REG 227 form provide space for updating your address. This helps ensure that your replacement title is mailed to the correct location.

If your vehicle has a salvage title, the process for obtaining a replacement title remains similar. However, it’s essential to check with the DMV or a registration service for any specific steps or considerations related to salvage titles when applying for replacements.

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