Boat Registration

When do I need to renew my boat/vessel registration in California?

Vessel registration in California expires on December 31 of every odd-numbered year. It is crucial to renew before that date to avoid penalties. The DMV typically mails renewal notices approximately two months before the expiration date. This advance notice allows vessel owners ample time to gather required documentation and choose a renewal method.

What do I need to renew my boat registration?

To successfully renew your boat registration, you’ll need the vessel’s CF number and the last three digits of the Hull Identification Number (HIN). These details can be obtained from various sources, such as a Certificate of Number, Certificate of Title, CA DMV renewal notice, or directly from the vessel. There are convenient options available for renewal:

Online Expedited Renewal through Zak’s Auto Registration (Same-Day):

Utilizing Zak’s Auto Registration ensures a streamlined process.
Enjoy same-day processing with effective communication channels.
Mail-In – Manual DMV Processing (6-8 Weeks):

For those preferring a traditional method, mail the renewal notice and fee to Zak’s Auto Registration.
In cases where DMV records do not match ownership information, an in-person application with proof of ownership is required.
In-Person – Manual DMV Processing (Same-Day):

Visit Zak’s Auto Registration office for immediate service.
Bring the vessel’s renewal notice, proof of ownership, identification, and renewal payment.
Scheduling an appointment in advance ensures expedited in-person service, avoiding DMV lines.

Can I get a citation for having an expired vessel registration?

Yes, operating a vessel with an expired registration is a violation of the law. Law enforcement may issue citations for non-compliance. To avoid legal consequences, Zak’s Auto Registration emphasizes the importance of timely renewal, ensuring continued lawful operation of the vessel.

Is the Quagga Mussel sticker included in my boat registration renewal?

No, the Quagga Mussel sticker renewal is a separate process from vessel registration renewal. Zak’s Auto Registration simplifies the renewal process, focusing solely on the vessel’s registration without the need for a Quagga Mussel sticker.

How do I renew my Quagga and Zebra Mussel sticker?

Vessel owners can renew the Quagga Mussel sticker online through Zak’s Auto Registration or the DMV portal. Delivery of the sticker is expected within 4-6 weeks. Zak’s Auto Registration offers a dedicated online application for the Quagga Mussel sticker, ensuring a straightforward process.

How do I find my boat’s Hull Identification Number (HIN)?

Locate the Hull Identification Number (HIN) on the transom, usually on the starboard side within two inches of the top. Accurate information is crucial for a seamless renewal process, and Zak’s Auto Registration underscores the importance of providing the correct details.

What is an Undocumented Vessel?

An undocumented vessel is registered with the California DMV and lacks a marine certificate from the U.S. Coast Guard. Zak’s Auto Registration facilitates the registration of undocumented vessels, ensuring a hassle-free process for boat owners who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of U.S. Coast Guard documentation.
Choose Zak’s Auto Registration for a comprehensive, expedited, and hassle-free renewal experience. Skip the DMV lines and benefit from prompt and reliable service tailored to the specific needs of vessel owners.

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