Lost Car Registration San Diego

What Is A California Title ?

A car title establishes ownership and protects its owners by demonstrating who the true owner of the vehicle is. But, it, like anything else, can be lost, stolen, or destroyed. Zaks Auto Registration is ready to help you replace lost titles quickly and easily.

Lost California Registration

If you get your license plate stolen, lose your registration card or have a missing sticker we can help. Driving without the proper documents can be illegal and can in some instances lead to getting pulled over and getting fined. Fortunately replacing registration documentation is one of the easiest transactions we deal with.

Lost California Title

One of the most significant documents related with your vehicle is the Certificate of Title. A car without a title cannot be bought or sold, so vehicle owners must keep a copy of their title in a safe place at all times. It is not advisable to retain your vehicle title in your vehicle. This just increases the likelihood of it being lost, damaged, or stolen.
If your title is lost, stolen, or damaged to the point where it is no longer visible, you must apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a duplicate title (DMV). A duplicate title can only be obtained by the vehicle’s lawful owner. You can come here instead of going to the DMV. Bring the following documents to Zaks Auto Registration :
A Completed Application For Duplicate Title (DMV REG227).
A completed Notice of Change of Address (DMV14). Only necessary if you have moved Since your last registration renewal.
Proof of Insurance.
Your Driver’s License.
Your latest Registration Card.